What fees will I be charged?

When buying Crypto fees are unavoidable. The base fees involved when we buy or sell may include depending upon which country you live in:

  • The international money transfer fee
  • The FX currency exchange fee
  • The Bitcoin exchange bank deposit fees
  • The trading fee when we buy Crypto
  • The exchange withdrawals fees
  • The network fees when send to our lovely users wallet

As we bulk buy Bitcoin and Ethereum or manage floats that significantly reduce these base fees and amount to a variable base fee of ~ 1%. The ‘rate’ on the account page is inclusive of the market rate we bought at and these base fees added on. We are constantly trying to streamline this process to make the base fee as low as possible.

Our Vimba fee of 3.5% is added onto the base fee before we send Crypto out to our users.

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