The top five questions we receive about Crypto and Vimba and our answers to them

As our knowledge base grows, we thought we would write an article helping you find the answers to the most commonly asked questions we have and also help you find what we think are the most valuable articles we have written about Vimba and Cryptocurrencies in general.

Lets get straight into it,

  1. One of the most common questions we get is 'What is a Bitcoin address and a Bitcoin wallet and how do I set one up?' To many this may seem like a daunting task but it is actually very simple to do. Here is an article we wrote describing what a Bitcoin wallet is, here is another one explaining what a Bitcoin address is, and it's function and here is a video we created showing you how to set one up on your phone in no time.
  2. The next question we get asked frequently is, 'What is the difference between Bitcoin and Ethereum?' Luckily we have written two great articles to help you understand the key differences between the top two cryptocurrencies. Even though they both share some key crypto traits such as decentralisation, they are vastly different in their applications. Here is an article we wrote about Bitcoin and here is one we wrote about Ethereum.
  3. Another key question we get asked is 'What are the differences between saving Bitcoin and Ethereum vs instantly buying them?' There are several key differences here. The first is the timelines, for our Instant Buy you get your Crypto delivered to you within twenty minutes as you can read on our step by step guide here, with our savings option the delivery time is 5 days from payment as you can see here. Why would you want to wait 5 days for each delivery? Because as long as you do it consistently you would be using a method called Dollar Cost Averaging which we talk about here. To save Bitcoin and Ethereum you simply need to head to the save tab on your account page.
  4. A question we have been seeing more often is 'How do I sell my Bitcoin back to you?' This is a very easy process and a feature we have developed into a automated process. Here is a step by step guide we rote on how to instantly sell your Bitcoin through your Vimba dashboard. We also created a video showing you how its done.
  5. Question number five is not so much one question but a few smaller questions that we thought we would help you find answers too. Details regarding our fees can be found here. We made a video on how to sign up and go through our on-boarding process here. And finally here are a series of videos we made on how to back up your Bitcoin wallet and how to recover your Bitcoin with your seed phrase if you ever lose your phone or no longer have access to your wallet.

If you have any further questions about Vimba or Cryptocurrencies in general please don't hesitate to get in touch with us at or call us on 0800 114 541

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