Become a Cryptocurrency expert in under 10 minutes with our curated video list

We thought we would put together a playlist of videos that totals under 10 minutes of viewing time and by the end you will come away knowing the fundamentals of the Blockchain, Bitcoin, Ethereum and Cryptocurrency wallets. So if you've got 9 minutes to spare we thoroughly recommend you watch the below videos in order and by the end you will understand why cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum will change the world how you can own them with your very own wallet and get started!

2 minute video that summarises the Blockchain and Crypto

The first video to get you on your way to becoming an expert is a great 2 minute video made by the BBC that gives you a broad overview of how the blockchain and cryptocurrencies work.

2 minute video explaining Bitcoin

So now you understand a bit about how the blockchain works to make cryptocurrencies decentralised. But what specifically is Bitcoin and how does it work?

1 minute video explaining Ethereum

You now know how Bitcoin works but what about Ethereum? This 1 minute video gives you a brief analysis of what makes Ethereum different to Bitcoin.

4 minute video explaining how cryptocurrency wallets work

You understand how cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum work, and you also understand how the blockchain works. But how do you store your Bitcoin and Ethereum? This 4 minute video explains what a cryptocurrency wallet is.

Now you have watched the videos you should have a far better understanding about how cryptocurrencies work, why they are so revolutionary and how you can own them with your own crypto wallet. And now the next step is to buy some! Luckily we have the perfect service to allow you to start small and buy Bitcoin or Ethereum from as little as $20. Click the link below to sign up to Vimba

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