I have not received my Bitcoin on Friday, where is it?

There may be a few reasons for this, but we'll figure it out either way:

If you are saving with us

  1. We may not have sent the Bitcoin yet, we generally do this by 4pm at the latest.
  2. You may have forgotten to add your reference number to your payment or had an incorrect reference number. We will try to contact you if this is the case but without a reference number this is difficult for us to do so please get in contact with us.
  3. The international money transfer to the exchange may have been delayed. This is out of our control and something that can periodically happen. If so we will announce it on our Twitter and the send will be done on Saturday.

If you are buying Instantly through our Buy Now tab and haven’t received your crypto after thirty minutes please get in contact with us at support@vimba.co

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